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Buying a Book for a Two or Three Year Old? (blog entry): Good for you. No, seriously. No patronising tone intended. That really is a great thing. These days, it is a sad trend for parents/adults to search their smartphone or tablet for "FREE ONLINE" kids books to place in front of the children, simply to keep them occupied. Free books are unlikely to be the best, and the range of children's literature on electronic devices is quite limited anyway.

Throw out all the old-fashioned arguments about the "heritage of print" and "holding a book in your hands" because, these days, Kindle devices for adults are popular and work just fine. But they are adults. It is an unfortunate side effect of the technological age that many free apps and smart device books aimed at children contain adverts and even malicious code. Simply because children are likely to click it whilst unsupervised. The recent Apple scandals where parents have racked up bills of £££s whilst their child was playing a "free" game on their phone can testify to that.

We have a selection of blog articles about buying a book for a 2-3 year old girl or boy. Obviously, we recommend buying this book! But there are plenty of other wonderful books available:

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