Where are you Pickles?

Where Are You Pickles?

Pickles goes with Erin to see the doctor. But after getting bored, he is suddenly by himself. Pickles isn't lost of course ... teddies don't get lost. Erin is lost! ;)

This animation deals with the topic of being lost but not in a scary way. It is a story about paying attention, perception and working things out.

Pickles and the Bully

Pickles & The Bully

A bully steals Pickles toy and neither Erin or Mummy are nearby to help. When you are very small and can't talk, what can you do? Pickles comes up with a plan ... it works! But after all the effort of getting his toy back, Pickles is unable to call the whole thing a "success".

This animation does not discuss bullying in general. It is simply a fun piece about play, imagination and craftiness.

Coming Soon

What Are You Drawing Pickles?

Pickles just wants to draw, but Erin drags him to an art gallery. Pickles thinks that the paintings in the art gallery aren't very good and tries to improves things ...