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Utilising a multi-media approach in teaching? (blog entry): With so many types of material available as teaching aids, you'd think that teachers and parents would have an easy job getting certain messages across to their children. However, the ease at getting videos, images, and apps online does mean that much of the stuff out there ... isn't much good.

Worst of all, some unscrupulous companies actually put clickable adverts in their kids apps and ebooks in the hope that the child will 'accidentally' click it whilst browsing. This has led to actual law suits here and abroad from angry parents who sometimes end up with unexpected bills!

Pickles Adventures are produced through Small World Inc. A school book specialist. But Pickles was not created as a tool for teaching, so the stories themselves are fun and light. This balance between entertainment and education, means the child will want to watch and read the stories again and again.

Where are you Pickles!?! is in libraries and schools across the UK, but has been found in nurseries, playgroups and schools aa far away as the Philippines!

We have a selection of blog articles about children's picture books that teach ideas and themes. Obviously, we recommend buying this book! But there are plenty of other wonderful books available:

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